Brian Caldwell
... one of the last Palo Alto natives remaining in the San Francisco Bay area
... no longer lives in the house he grew up in
... not to be confused with the young, solo circumnavigating sailor Brian "BJ" Caldwell
... or the 10' Brian Caldwell standup paddle surfboard.

... a university trained photographer with an art degree who works in the world of web services and social media.
... currently Director, Partnerships at Evernote Corporation
... formerly attached to (aka Podshow), Polar Rose (acquired by Apple), plasq/ (Skitch acquired by Evernote), Riya/ (acquired by Google), Commission Junction (part of Valueclick), Quinstreet (IPO), Interwise (acquired by AT&T) and more...

... purges his synapses as @BrianCaldwell on Twitter
... blogs VERY rarely (never) as eponymousX
... is, inevitably, on Facebook
... makes business connections over here
... is a photographer capturing split second slices of life at local parties and events, mostly in the tech community.
... was host of an Internet radio show about affiliate marketing
... still treasures his Australian month of paradise